About Me …

zentree1I am a man on a journey towards awareness … a journey begun several years ago but only recently causing significant life changes.  A man once stamped by years spent learning and acting out scripts written by parents, society, and others.  Scripts that became an ongoing melody driving my life … the way I lived and loved.  Though it all seemed genuine, this life was never “me”.  At that moment it was the best “me” possible, but I did not allow myself to feel, and I lived and defined myself through others.  The real “me” lived in undiscovered lands, lands I am now on the journey to find.

For me, giant changes are occurring … self-awareness is accelerating … changes and awareness that are occurring moment-to-moment within me and altering how I move in world.  Help from a spiritual partner (http://seatofthesoul.com/free-tools/spiritual-partnership-guidelines/), my own effort, and fortunate natural events have sustained my progress down the path of discovery.  But another tool is also helping to create progress … writing.  So I blog … I write … to create change within me … to discover more of “me”.

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