Music and tools ….

In walking my journey I am discovering many tools … tools that create moments of change, trigger feelings, or recall memories that need to be better understood and processed in order to move forward.  For me, music of a certain kind and richness is one such tool.  Finding such tools is important because I was rigidly encased in a wall of protection by years of living as the old me.   I found that breaking free of those old scripts was so very, very hard.  But once a break occurred, even small, the next was a bit easier … and the next after that a bit easier still … small chipping away at the marble to begin revealing the real me inside … and on and on it goes. 

So I walk into 2014 carrying my tool box and continuing my self-work, chipping away at the stone around me, seeking understanding and opening my heart.  I use my tools to create opportunities … chances to see something new and learn.  Each opportunity serves an important role in my life and journey … my journey to a place yet unknown but still eagerly and lovingly sought.  I am a traveler … seeking understanding of life’s secrets … singing a song of the path being walked with feelings deep, rich, and ever new … a traveler that is becoming the land he walks … (Preview)

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