Loving warmth flows from inside out … then letting go allows it to flow back in …

In the end we all have such few days … making as many days as possible feed our souls seems like a proper way to live life.  I have a tired heart … a heart that is awaken, changing, facing fears, and learning to let go.

Peace warms and soothes a tired heart, even one deep inside a man taught to be strong and resistant to abuse.  How to find such peace?  I discover new ways to move in that direction but more change and challenges come.

But even such strength needs aging and mellowing like a good wine.  Such ”aging” seems only possible through connecting with peaceful space and feelings.  My new path now openly embraces co-creating and collaboration.  Collaboration with the universe and remaining open to the combinations discovered in life … combinations rather than specific singularities or targets in life.  It’s the unanticipated combination of results that offer the most chance for new awareness.  It’s the combining of colors and the resulting collage it produces that moves us in new directions down our path.  Blending peace and love into this collage adds richness and balance … to each day and to my life.   I see more clearly now that in the end, it is how I live each day that truly counts the most.

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