“Notice when your heart leaps up in joyous exuberance … In these moments the voice of your spirit is speaking directly to you.” – Justine Willis Toms

 This has been a week swimming in exhaustion and change. Though feeling more rested but still in need of more recovery, I feel at peace today.

I detect a newer, clearer message. I can touch feelings today that are coming from within me … my growing awareness of spending my days during the week doing what does not feed my soul … and it leaves feelings of living my life beneath my calling and purpose. Only a small, highly personal aspect of each day resonates, but most is spent responding to the complexities of an organization and its bureaucracy rather than improving people’s lives.

It is my intention to align with my purpose …my passion … what truly resonates for me … a greater good of improving lives. I can only imagine how it will feel when alignment finally occurs in the future … how rich that will feel … it gives me more reason to open my life to choices leading me there. It is clearer today … as I patiently continue my dance of small steps toward my future and a life offering richer fulfillment.

I am at a new place of change … one of greater significance … a clearer realization of where I stand but where I need to go. Where once stood a warrior now stands a seeker of peace … a realization that at my core is harmony, love, peaceful movement through time, and the desire to touch people’s lives in a way that makes a difference … all resting within this human frame as it searches for greater awareness. I am in search of spiritual cleansing so that years spent in unawareness can be washed away … leaving space that is clear and ready to receive the new, more genuine me. The “noise” from the old clutters what can be … occupies room that might hold my new joy rather than residual fragments of my past. The old needs to be scrubbed clear … dug out of the cracks and crevasses. Cleansing while gaining awareness … more intentions to formulate … more to discover in process and approach … more to ask of the Universe as guidance to allow me to move to my full potential.

This moment of change is significant, causing me to feel deeply and completely … feel like I soar into the heavens filled with rich inner love and spirit. It offers me a glimpse of what might be and what truly feeds my thirsty soul. The feelings raise me to a place that exists above the world I live in day-to-day at a thing called work. When I soar, I am in the moment and experience peaceful detachment. Again, a glimpse of what might be once I discover my path’s offering and the waiting purpose and passion of my life. There is a wonderful peace that comes from such a view … from such loving observation. It is a place where love prevails and the lightness of “light” filling one’s soul brings warm, healing peace. To touch it is joy … and to touch it brings hope that more may exist as I travel down my path. There are no expectations, but there is trust. It will be what it is meant to be.

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