Directed randomness …

I follow my path to work each morning. Driving down familiar streets and passing landmarks that over time have melted into the background. But this morning is different. Possibly a result of changes going on within me over these past many months and especially over these past two weeks.

The background no longer hides … it pushes the landmarks out to meet me … engaging with my consciousness. I see cars filled with people … truly see them … each different and unique … and I realize we all share this kind of “directed randomness” … all moving with a shared purpose but all on separate paths serving our personal needs in this moment. All different … yet all shared. And this shared moment will never occur again … it is unique in this moment. It is like water flowing from many streams into an ever moving and expanding river, then leaking out while on the journey downstream as the water is taken back into the soil along the bank. The river forever changes in each and every moment, never to repeat itself again. So too is life … each moment unique and randomly shared as we all travel our journey.  The sense of awareness is truly extraordinary.

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