“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I reflect on this holiday just navigated. It was a holiday of change. It was time untried, unexplored, and unknown. I entered the currents from the river bank not truly knowing where I would emerge, yet I pushed into the water with trust. It was a step needing to be taken … because I must continue to explore the unknown boundaries of myself and the changes occurring to me. I must keep exploring for I travel towards a destination unknown yet felt and sensed. The promised land of “Me” … a land not visited by any other explorer … a land known only in legend and tale.

My journey is a quest and each day I walk along knowing that I will arrive somewhere each evening different from where I began. For I travel each day through the fog of “Change” and the dust of “Awareness” and each brings forth new, undiscovered dimensions of this man … dimensions adding depth and understanding … new substance for this soul traveling its journey. The challenge … remaining open and vulnerable, sustaining positive thoughts and visions of what can be, and taking each fresh step throughout each day in a new, untried direction. My mantra … Move Forward. The reward … Discovery … and “Me”.

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