“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – Davis Allan Coe

Trimming the Old Growth

A pot offering succulents and a single, young redwood resides on the railing outside on the deck. Its gaze is across the Russian River and on to the hamlet of Jenner. To its left is the ocean and the rugged Sonoma coast that meets it before it fades into the endless horizon.

I approach and notice dark lifeless pieces clinging to each of the plants resting in this spiritually gifted location. Old growth … remnants of days past attached as though needed for daily life and breath. I begin to trim … gently and with reverence removing each dead piece and allowing it to fall to the foot of the mother plant … allowing it to take on a new role of being part of the plants foundation … its past … the wisdom upon which it now stands and thrives each new day.

When reflecting I see the metaphor for life and its journey … to reveal the “Old Growth” so that it can be honored, lovingly removed, and added to the foundation of what comprises me as I stand today. Life’s journey … meant to reveal … meant to trim, strengthen my roots, and unveil the most beautiful and vibrant part of me.

What an incredible journey it is …

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