Not Lost, But Carried …

My retreat offered an exploration of something very different.  A chance for me to experience true, rich alignment with what resonates within me.  It allowed me to experience the feelings like never before by opening the doors to my inner self, opening my heart, and touching it in a way that gave me overwhelming joy.

And now that I am back to task, crowds, and timelines I notice something different.  As each day passes I remain open … continue “feeling” those deep, rich joyful sensations that walked alongside me last week.  My retreat … the place and experience … helped me discover richness and deep joy, but it is within me now to be carried wherever I might go.  Though I would return to that beautiful location overlooking Jenner in a heartbeat, I need not feel its loss because the experience and the feelings it created have integrated with me and become part of my whole.  What a wonderful thing … to know I’ve not left the beauty and magic I found last week behind but am one with it … that they are now me.

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