“Elegance is achieved when all that is superfluous has been discarded and the human being discovers simplicity and concentration: the simpler and more sober the posture, the more beautiful it will be.” – Paulo Coelho

When resting in clarity, I see people … humans … Me … as essentially simplistic creatures.  We (I) feel and react; desire warmth when cold and cool when warm; require food, water, and shelter during the years of life; and thrive when given dignity, kindness, and love.  It is an important formula, and when incomplete life encounters disruptions, pain, and fear.

However, when in such rare clarity I also begin to see the numerous layers of complexity we humans (Me) lay atop this essential simplicity.  Layer upon layer is added over time … sometimes within a very narrow window of time … where each layer moves us farther and farther away from our simplistic self.  Some layers are given us when we feel powerless and forced to accept them.  Some layers are taken on in search of releases from fears and discomfort.  Some layers are taken on unconsciously as we live day-by-day in confusion and struggle.  Regardless of the reason, these layers are added and create distance from the inner peace always available from our essential, simplistic self.

Each layer is of our own choosing even when we feel victimized by the result. Though found to be true, accepting and owning that condition challenges us at times.  However uncomfortable, as one begins to detect, then see these layers it is a gift for it then allows us to begin removing them … gradually working our way to regaining our essential simplicity.  For in the simplicity is found peace, and each step back towards our essential simplicity feels better than the moment farther away.  The detecting then removing of layers is the journey … the journey towards self-discovery, understanding, and eventually inner harmony.

I am on my journey back to my simplicity.  Each step is one of seeing … then working to remove layers of complexity put there by me as I lived my earlier and present life.  I now remove more than I add, which gives me hope that the feelings I sense mean I am coming closer to my essential self … my essential simplicity.  Yes … the journey gives me hope so I continue taking more and more steps … leaving a trail of discarded layers along the road I travel.  My intention … once again embrace my essential simplicity.

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