“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss

My New Todays …

Welcome to this day! All days before it have been traveled. All days ahead will be encountered as they arise one-by-one. But it is this day … the day in the now … where we may all step into a day with joy, kindness, and excitement. With intentions at our side, we all may take this day’s journey and discover the treasures offered us along the way.

Last week I completed my first re-entry into my newly driven work life … a new work life built upon a new paradigm. One quite different yet the same from the years spent before retiring. Without certainty, I stepped forward into this new experience being open to what it might bring. As I walked, I listened closely to my inner compass … my feelings from each moment as each day unfolded. And what flowed from within fed my soul.

Each day left me feeling rich … rich from the new chances for connection as I address managers collected to hear my tale … my description of the journey I wish them to travel as partners in an adventure. I spoke my truth, heard their excitement and fears, acknowledged and validated, and imparted my excitement and optimism. I offered new choices … choices they may choose that offer guidance, and connect, form, and begin building new teams. I too made new choices, choices meant to help guide me on the latest path in my journey. Each new “today” is simply one step in the forming … one step in the process that is now beginning and will grow as the next many months unfold. It is a process I will nurture through communication and collaboration. It is the process I love.

Woo-Hoo, what a great time in my life huh? I feel quite blessed and fortunate. My hope is that your days will rise in some similar fashion, offering you fresh and enriching feelings from your encounters. Days’ worth living … days connecting … days touching in love and kindness … days sensing that some small moment of creating good feelings has occurred. It is an intension for us to share, and it “feels” like a journey well worth taking …

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