“The self is not to be shaped, it is to be discovered. It is not to be desired, wished or prayed for…

Its true beauty is to be found in the mystery unfolding out of the moment.”Openhand


I continue on my journey, one which I know will carry me through my remaining days since the joy is in the traveling and change, not in reaching any destination. My walk has revealed much, much more than I ever dreamt. Through my choices I’ve moved through and with increasing awareness, learned to trust and “feel” my feelings, and do “work” (deep self-exploratory work) to understand and give meaning to all that I am experiencing.

For each of us the journey is unique.  Some will purposefully engage with process and intent.  Some will simply live each day unaware of changes within them or the feelings they create.  Both are real.  Both are right for the time and person.  For me, the journey has created conditions which allowed me to bloom and expand into a day-to-day life filled with joy.  It has opened a door into a room filled with new color and light, cooled by the breezes from the sea, and calmed by music touching my heart, and it has created joyful feelings more intense than ever before.  It wasn’t always that way so this journey has significantly changed me and continues to change me each day I walk.  But I believe in it and will continue my journey and my work because the results are candy for the soul.

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