“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

I have entered a time in my life where reflection and thought occupies a significant portion of my thinking.  This time … these moments of thought … all are reflected in much offered within this simple blog.  And this journey of mine is a time when I deeply enjoy discovering about myself through experiencing and observing my relationship with my world and the feelings it creates.  My fascination reflects a counterbalance to many years spent not knowing nor listening to my feelings and living scripts others had presented me to live.  It reflects the excitement felt from change, and though at times the themes may sound repetitive, each step is unique for it creates within me sensations never felt for many years.

Now, living each day fully and “thinking” about my life … a rich life … represents time well spent given the “Me” evolving and forming.  Again and again I find connection is much of what feeds my soul these days and I’ve come to see its place in the emerging fabric of “Me” … a tapestry forged through living life, making mistakes, discovering myself, and my willingly walking a journey towards change.  To my delight I’ve learned that immersing myself in situations … opportunities where chances abound to step “out” to connect … to bring what resides within me out and offer it to another person … and take in return their offering to me … creates a transaction that leaves me feeling powerfully joyful, healed and whole.  I’ve come to learn that I must seek such circumstances for it pulls me into greater awareness about myself, gifts me rich feelings, and affords fresh and meaningful chances to enrich my heart through imparting kindness.

And as I learn … as I experience more and more of these encounters and exchanges … I see that connection can occur in almost every moment of a day.  Granted, larger venues such as the recent airshow I worked, or this past weekend spent working for a close friend at the Harvest Fair offer many rich and fulfilling opportunities for wonderful and meaningful connection.  But rich moments also await an interaction with a checkout clerk, someone arranging clothing in a store, a person approaching a door ahead of me, and a stranger walking while leading a trusted and loved four legged friend.  Each offers a window in time and space where I can choose to step forward and connect.  Each offers a moment where a connection is achievable.  Each offers an instance where a momentary touching through kindness genuinely given may color, enrich, and lighten another’s day.  And without expectation, I know that such moments, regardless of complexity or size, enriches what lives inside me.  I connect … not for others as much as for myself … with hopes but not expectations that others will feel some of the richness I sense.  It all is an interesting dance … and one that increasingly offers my life meaning and leaves me saying at the end of each day … “Yes, this was a day worth living.”

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