The saints above …

“There are no greater treasures than the highest human qualities such as compassion, courage and hope. Not even tragic accident or disaster can destroy such treasures of the heart.” – Daisaku Ikeda

My community is on fire.  Incomprehensible numbers of homes destroyed, areas burned to the ground, and devastation created now fill the record books and bring pain to the hearts of all, especially those displaced, made homeless, or even killed.  Its scale is beyond description … and the experience is something I’ve not encountered in my lifetime.  And it is far from being over for the battle rages all around me.

I am blessed for I am safe, without some utilities but still having a home and able to be in it.  For so many, it is a much different story.  And as I stand outside, seeing the smoke fill the horizon, planes fly over me … saints from above risking their lives to help beat back these dragons consuming my community and others nearby.  And I pray for these saints … pray for their giving and pray for their safety … pray for the ones in the air and those on the ground … all risking their lives to stop the inferno consuming my community.

For me, this event has rocked me to my core.  It has overwhelmed me to a degree never anticipated, and caused me to slip and tumble into past scripts and touch old, long hidden feelings causing pain, suffering, and negative views of the world.  One moment I feel like I’ve regained balance, then the next I fall over an emotional cliff.  While shopping today I saw a fire truck and crew from a far off city parked while buying provisions.  My inner voice moved me to walk up to the crew and thank them for all they are doing and when I did, I began to cry … overcome with an up swell of emotion.

And here comes another plane … another saint has graced the sky above me.  And I weep … I touch old feelings and new … I challenge my process but quickly allow myself to move through this incredible event in my own way meeting my own needs.  And I work to allow the negative focus to flow through me, remembering all the good I’ve witnessed from my community as it rises from the ashes like some Phoenix.  These are moments in my life I will never forget.

And yet another saint from above approaches … and I pray … and I process … and I weep … and I take a giant breath in preparation of joining my community in the rebuilding … rebuilding that will bring positive change from the ashes of emotional despair.

And here comes another saint … and I pray … and I process … and I …

2 thoughts on “The saints above …

  1. Steve,  Thank you for sharing this which well describes what many must also be going through.With love,Lynne

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I hear you. To witness the front line communications of the saints as they go about their work is an overwhelming experience. I have to keep my feelings in check in order to be effective in my work. However, the stress hit me yesterday and I barely made it through the work day. I understand your thoughts and feelings, this is an overwhelming experience.
    From afar, friends say ” The news updates & photos are soooo heartbreaking.” When I hear this from friends and acquaintances outside of California, I realize the magnitude of this event/situation. What is helpful to me is, they first ask, how I and my family are doing, and give their prayers. This soothes me and allows my feelings to flow.
    I’m aware this is a collective community tragedy, laced with shock and despair. It will be a shared healing experience that will take time.
    I’m with you Steve, keep up the good work.

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