A tapestry never woven …

“Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakable tender hand, placed beside another thread and held and carried by a hundred others.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

On my journey, I have come to see that my life is like many things … many metaphors that accurately reflect the feelings felt as each day is traveled and lived.  Recently, there is this sense that life is something of a blanket wrapped around me for spiritual and psychological warmth.  A blanket being woven as I wear it, the weave ever changing in color and texture and reflecting what is needed to feel joyful and whole. 

But as I wrap myself in this ever-growing blanket, feeling the warmth and tactile pleasure offered, I also realize that there are gaps … holes where the colors and treads fail to merge and join.  Spots, sometimes large, where the soothing warmth escapes and cold winds enter.  Gaps that seem to forever announce that life is imperfect and simply a quest for the best possible … not the absolute.  Gaps where emotional chills signal the quest remains for the right color and thread and needle to close the space and experience yet more warmth. 

And as some of the gaps are made whole and warmth created or restored, I also realize that the weaving of my personal blanket will never end.  No moment in my journey will ever bring that intense sense of completion.  Such feelings may be reserved for that final moment of transition where whatever is beyond the human experience presents itself and I step through the portal into the next plane, how ever it may look and feel.

So, the life task before me seems to be one of moving with intention to discover, assess, then close whatever gaps disrupt the flow of my blanket’s design and warmth while also knowing that gaps will always remain.  And once that realization is internalized, letting go of the concept of completion and moving forward simply focused on incremental gains in warmth and pleasure.  A subtle but dramatic shift for me, but one that I sense will bring greater joy.  At least that is how it seems today. 

And look there … a hole … now what color and thread might “feel” the best? Let me see …

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