Brief comments about letting go …

First, I want to thank Homer for filling in yesterday.  Homer … you are the best BE ever!!!  But Homer wasn’t available today so I’m only posting a short note tonight since I’m still challenged by the flu and some other issues.

Reflections … reflections during the hours sitting on the sofa feeling crummy is allowing me to see my holding on to expectations and the past, and blocking myself from settling into the present, regardless of the present circumstances.  In the past I would have been angry …. angry at not being well, angry at the inconveniences, angry at the discomforts.  Though I might have visited some of those feelings briefly, I quickly moved to a new place …letting go of what should be … letting go of how I should be … letting go of good health … letting go of being comfortable … and more.  I consciously saw, reflected, and then chose to frame things as accepting the present … until something better appeared.  It felt freeing and the anxieties and negative feelings that began to form dissipated.  I focused on what I could control, and did my best to move forward so that things might become better.  But without expectations … knowing that eventually things would return to a better place.

Though feeling crummy sucks, it is also a good teacher.

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