A complex man needs a lifetime to understand …

I continue to discover that I’m a complex man … a guy that likes to share his feelings and his experience of self-discovery … a guy that feels rich and joyful when feeling deeply connected.  When I feel deep, there is nothing better … and now that my feelings are raw and openly available, sharper than ever before, life in complex in even newer ways.   

At times I feel like a painter with a picture just beginning to form, and a growing pallet of colors to use in my hand.  I’m beginning to choose colors … just “because” … just since it’s interesting or pretty … and then mix the colors that touch me and resonate the most … and begin to blend colors into shapes and patterns that speak my truth the most.  I desire to see the finished picture but I am understanding that the final picture may never be known, and that the picture must evolve and be given time to reveal itself from within me.  Such an interesting walk through life isn’t it?

I continue to seek clarity.  I continue to seek understanding of me.  I continue to open doors wider so that more and more brightness flows in … so that more of me is revealed and exposed for understanding.  This continuous unfolding, revealing, and challenging process does at times seem never ending and ever calling me … because it is.  I am a man on a journey that at times “feels” lonely, and at times’ “feels” crowded, and at times “feels” everything in-between.  But the more it “feels” the better it is because feeling is the pathway to greater discovery.  Such an interesting walk through life isn’t it?

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