A gift …

To feel good … really good.  To embrace health once again, health that allows me to move in freedom, draw in the warmth of the sun, draw in deep breaths, see with unobstructed clarity, and stand without the burden of discomfort … is such a gift!!  I am deeply thankful for these new, fresh, current moments for they are a gift and I realize in this world many still stand in darker places, places that even with their best intentions may never allow them what I feel right now … in this way … to this depth.

Some complexity creates the light and darkness in which we stand in the moment … and who is to know how those standing in what I feel is darkness may feel blessed in their own manner.  It reduces to one influential quality … it comes down to me … to each of us … standing in whatever we stand in … feeling the moment … truly feeling it … deciding how we will frame it, embrace it, and use it as this moment’s step in our journey … and how we might learn from it as we begin to prepare for the next step.

When seen as such a pure process I see the simplicity of the cycle and the power we have through our choices … all driven by allowing ourselves to deeply feel, see the story told us, then make choices that move us towards the light that is us, in what we are given.  Some frame it as moving from love … some may do it without knowledge due to circumstances or afflictions … some may not have discovered it but will in time.  So many stories immersed in such a common process … all sharing a common intention of wanting the best life possible.  It is an amazingly simple complexity.  It is life.

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