A simple yet insightful poem.

Yesterday a poem was shared with me … a poem simple yet insightful.  Its insights complement many other pieces tumbling together to form “me” and my walk … the “me” that changes, grows, and morphs moment by moment. 


Dear traveler, your footprints are the road, 

there is nothing else;

The road is made by walking.

It is by walking that the road is made,

and looking back we see the path

we will never set foot on again.

Dear traveler, there is no road

but the tracks on the sand, 

the wakes in the sea.

      –   Antonio Machado


As I walk, I now walk toward intentions … but indeed, my journey is told by my footprints.  As my foot begins to break through the soil I feel.  I open my heart, embrace those feelings, and examine those feelings.  I then make choices … choices that create those footprints I see behind me.  But as I look back at those footprints, patterns emerge.  They too offer stories and lessons.  The challenge … can I discover ways to open my heart so that those lessons enter me … enter me deeply and in a manner such that I will carry them into my future choices, creating future steps, and providing yet new lessons to take in once more for use.

I will create an intention … then look back to see the story told by my steps.

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