When the message is clear, one must listen …

Yes … changes abound and my life seems filled to overflowing with change.  Over the past couple of weeks significant change is occurring once again … change that has triggered deep emotions and created clear and strong messages for me to take in.

Fear, anger, frustration, and renewed realization that elements in conflict with what is my truth, the way I wish to be and live, are all now surfaced and exposed.  Where before I was able to at least select those things I could control and execute them day-to-day such that joy and rich feelings resulted, now new influences, management styles, and dictates are striping even that away.  The flow of painful feelings now speak volumes … and I choose to listen.  My spiritual partner helps me process and assess so that the messages become clearer.  And the message is clear … I must choose to accept things as they are and bathe in pain, or change.  I am at a tipping point where I now stand, deeply connected to my feelings.  I look inside, feel my feelings, and hear the messages.  The choice becomes clear … I choose to change.

The fears push me to retreat and fall back in exhaustion at the thought of mounting the effort I perceive is needed to make these changes.  But talks with my spiritual partner reveal a path … set intentions and begin by taking small steps.  So I take a small, simple step … then another … and the feelings inside me begin to shift and feel much less uncomfortable … then another step … and the feelings even begin to feel energizing … then another small step … and the shifting from fear and pain continues.  What a fascinating process … what a wonderful result.  I begin to lift from pit of despair into the excitement of opportunity, and though there are no guarantees I feel empowered and moving towards my intentions … not victimized and oppressed by new circumstances.

This is new … fresh … only underway for a couple of days now.  But it feels right … good … and encouraging.  Oh how important it is to listen … listen to feelings and inner voices.  Look out new and unknown path, here I come …!

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