“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

The dance of life ….

I am learning the dance.  The life dance.  But the dance has many complex steps.  I don’t know the steps but I try to learn them as I flow across the floor.  I place my feet with awareness but still fall down … I concentrate yet still make mistakes … I desire to learn the steps but am reminded that the dance takes practice … but sometimes mistakes offer no recovery, no correction.  There are so many steps to learn … steps in forming relationships … steps dealing with work adjustments and dissatisfaction … steps to becoming more self-aware … steps to being in love … steps aimed at resolving old wounds and pain … they are unfolding so quickly … all in this moment … why are they all coming at me now, piled on top of one another, all creating feelings.  I am flooding with feelings!  And I am tired … worn down by the pace of changes and adaption.

I know not the future, and hardly understand the present.  But I continue … I choose to remain engaged in this process … holding on to nothing certain other than my life in this moment and in foreseeable moments.  Trust, faith, courage, and love … all colorful clothing I wear as I move and learn.  This dance … this “life” … this thing I move through on our way to the horizon.  Such a dance … such a dance of feelings and discovery … such an effort … but I chose life so I must dance.

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