A morning … such feelings … feelings of change and a continuing journey …

I remain part of some journey … some journey far larger than me.  Patience is still required because the journey’s destination is still unclear.  I only see (more like feel) where the next step might be.  Recently gaining my power was a huge moment.  It thrust me into a place never stood in before, feeling like I’ve never felt before.  It strengthened my stride and left me feeling more equipped to continue walking this unknown path before me.  It is a wonderfully exciting yet confusing feeling.

I am overwhelmed by the sense of pending change.  My heart is growing … that place is now more capable of holding even more love … more capable of sharing more love and kindness.  My heart fills my world and feels like it is expanding beyond its limits each moment of my living.  I seek opportunities to move away from my old ways … move to interact with my world with more love and kindness … leaving a trail of peaceful and joyful feelings behind as I travel … leaving people feeling valued and respected … leaving those small segments of the planet I touch better in some way.  It all is richly overwhelming … but not frightening … simply filled with this sense of great peace.

Each time I open my eyes I see differently … each moment I’m changing … my world no longer has permanence.  I am liquid … flowing now through life like water flowing in a mountain stream and taking on constantly evolving forms.  I am liquid … I am fluid … I am constantly changing towards somewhere still unknown but felt and loved so deeply.  Yes … felt … feelings of great sensitivity … feelings of a new awakening.  These are moments filled with new sensations … offering me a growing sense of movement and change … offering me a sense of enormous growth and enrichment.  It all swells around and through me.  What a morning …

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