I am blessed ….

My life has been “thick” lately … seemingly filled with challenges that seem negative and require me to reach down deeply and process in order to navigate each situation.  I see the need for balance … lifting away from these more negative challenges and spending time seeing the light and sunshine of my life.  So tonight I focus on the sunshine … on the bright side of my life … on the many blessings I truly have in this life of mine … this wonderful life I have been given … this opportunity to discover and grow into my full potential and live my passion.

When I look, the list of blessings is quite long.  It heals my heart to reflect on such a long list, and among all the blessings on the list I chose for tonight my brother.  He is younger … and growing up I recall we had a dynamic where I was supportive but likely not totally kind.  As we both moved into adulthood we maintained a minimal connection and took different paths.  Later in our adult life a family conflict caused us to separate, and the length and intensity of that separation was far too long and deep.  Family crisis and the death of a parent brought us back together and gave us reason to forgive and renew our natural bond.  And in recent years, the bonding seems to be growing which feels ever so good … rich in many ways … now felt and experienced directly as we move forward into the future.

I see my brother now where before I did not … I see his kindness … I see his strength … I see his sensitively in a world demanding so much of all of us … I see his willingness to do what is needed to continue moving through life, love, and more.  I feel honored to call him brother.  I feel honored to know he is comrade and kin.  I feel honored that I feel his love and can return my love to him.  He is truly a gift … he is truly a blessing … he is truly loved.

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