Gratitude for a life … for my daughter …

Another moment where “the glass half full” overpowers “the glass half empty”.  Tonight I am filled with joy and gratitude for my daughter.  Approaching her 18th birthday, she is a loving, caring, kind person growing into young womanhood.  Her gifts are many and her story unique, and she has traveled her path in a way that amazes me and fills my heart with joy.  Her mother and her live away from me, but I am grateful for what I see is the shared respect, friendship, and love between them.  My heart is peaceful knowing that my daughter lives surrounded by love in her home, and surrounded with even more love when with me.

She is on her path … and like me, will discover who she is over time, making choices that will bring lessons.  What that path will be … how it will look … all lays ahead and has yet to be revealed.  My hope is that she remains open to discovery … remains willing to take risks … remains willing to learn and forgive herself as well as others … and live with joy.

My excitement is great thinking of what I will witness as she travels her journey … knowing that the joy will be balanced by the pain we all face when living a life worth living.  I intend to be there to offer support for healing … and join in when celebrating is due.  It will be a wonderful future … one worth living for … one worth watching.

I love you my daughter … with all my heart.

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