“Feeling good about your life, but not expressing a heartfelt ‘thank you,’ is like wrapping a gift for someone and never giving it to them.” – Chip Conley

My life is filled with gifts …

I have arrived at the end of a week … reflection shows me a truth … I feel good … I feel whole … I feel as though my life is running on a course where love and good intentions prevail, and where connection with those I love feed my soul.  The feelings are rich and the examples are many.  And though challenges faced me, my work tribe, and my close friends, I must admit that gifts also showered down on me as this week came to a close.

My team continues to amaze me with their resiliency and ability to weather constant challenges and face each with a sense of adventure rather than anger.  What special people they all are.  Their collaboration and cooperation, and their willingness to adapt remind me of how a team can thrive when bonded by mutual respect and hopefully encouraging leadership. Yes, I do feel very lucky to be part of their tribe.

The tension first sensed with new management quickly continues to be replaced by a sense of partnership working together to inform and succeed.  Fear has been replaced by progress.  The sense of being able to do great things grows.

A preciously close friend shared stories from their heart, and became vulnerable so that healing might occur and I would feel safe doing the same.  Such a wonderful gift.  Another shared with me his health crisis, now under control but reminding me that life can surprise quickly and without warning.  Another gift and a warning to live life fully.

I also rediscovered that when I reflect and think about what touches my passions, I feel uplifted.  And that such reflections feed upon themselves and create even more excitement and ideas that nurture and feed my heart.

These and many other events … when I am honest … create feelings inside me that say “this is a life worth living”.  What a powerful message when it comes from the heart and is felt so deeply and powerfully.  I am a very lucky man … yes, very lucky indeed.

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