“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony D’Angelo

Uniqueness of my changing relationships …

As I grow, gain self-awareness, discover my power, and more, my relationships seem to change around me.  The variety and quality of each connection is growing in richness and depth.  The feelings in the moment when that connection is made, talk is shared, and feelings are generated is so joyful because it feels so much deeper than before.  Deep feelings is what I seek these days … I want it because it helps make me feel alive and human.

Each interaction varies along a spectrum of connection and love … and I must admit that some hold a deeper place in my heart than others while all are loved and their friendship cherished.  This deeper love is at times intense yet hidden due to circumstance … simply held within me and kept back so that confusion or awkwardness is averted.  But it is there, and the desire to express those deeper feelings within me is strong at times.  However, the choice in the moment seems best to keep such feelings inside me … at least for now … until the universe nudges me in a different direction.

And if I revealed the list of those holding this deeper place it might surprise, for it is based on feelings rather than expectations or tradition or scripts or customs.  But my feelings are my compass, so I turn to them with trust knowing that they will show me the truth … and tell me those in my world that penetrate my heart deeply … like a spear with a sharp tip … only that the cuts give pleasurable feelings and add to my being “human” and joyful.

Love … a term that can be so powerful and cover such a broad spectrum of meaning.  Love that evolves each day to adapt to an ever changing landscape of my relationships.  Love that offers new definitions that make casual friendships deeper, and deeper relationships richer and more joyful.  Love that touches my heart to an extraordinary depth and brings me feelings of joy and richness.

I hope that all I touch feel the kindness I try to project … that it is totally sincere and reflects who I want to be in my remaining days on this globe … that they all know that they are seen as equal beings … fellow perfectly imperfect human beings … feel it through their day and evening … sense it around them … and turn to it in time of need or joy.  It exists … it is real.

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