“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Another uniquely sweet day … and an incredibly magical team …

More magic today … magic to add on top of yesterday’s sense of richness and depth. More magic today and the rich, deep feelings that come with it. My tribe … my team … such great and impressive people.

We successfully launched new sites this week, and my tribe feels very good about the success and effort. I can see it … I can “feel” it … it shows in everyone … the pride of having done your best and seeing results for your effort. But in this tribe I see much more. I see the bond within the tribe among the tribe … I see the continued respect and the caring each has for the other … I see the rhythm they build to work as a whole while each bringing their own strengths. It is magical to see and be part of what’s unfolding day-by-day and revealed through this week’s opportunity.

Work remains but there were very good feelings expressed about how the entire team is working more and more as “one” … anticipating needs, stepping forward to do what’s needed, collaborating, and supporting each other. There is a deep, rich bond here that I have not experienced before in my years of working. For me … it’s a wonderfully rich set of feelings … I am truly blessed with this tribe … this team … and it is a gift to watch them grow and mature and succeed as a group. And it is a gift to be able to walk along side of them as they create their magic

Life is well worth living today … in such magical moments … being part of such a magical tribe and team.

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