Sensing …

I move in reflective, almost spiritual space this morning … feeling as though I stand deep within me. There is no sense of greater clarity, only a sense of being poised to receive it. A desire for connection and understanding strongly rises to the surface … and reflecting on both creates feelings. Desires for deep and meaningful experiences also rise and add to this interesting mix of sensations and feelings as this day unfolds.

Though there is meaning within each day I live, there is a strong sense today that a richer alignment awaits … an alignment that will fire my feelings and excite these sensations more than what my life is currently offering. This morning I “feel” ready to move forward … now the question is “when will the universe create the opportunities to provide doorways into my desired future?”  I will do my part with intentions, and being poised to listen and hear the signals. But the rest I await, and the feelings are strong today … different … and it “feels” like it is time for growth … it “feels” like it is time for touching new and desired pieces in my personal puzzle … it is all an interesting and peaceful inner experience.

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