“I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, ‘Where’s the self-help section?’ She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.” – George Carlin

 I rise in love this morning … a bit sleepy, but reflecting … I do a lot of that these days. I spend time “Unfolding” … visualizing my heart opening … being vulnerable … visualizing embracing the day and what will be presented me by the Universe as I listen for my song … the “harmony” revealing my passion and purpose.

I step along many paths these days … each headed in a similar direction but each addressing different goals. All this movement is collaboration within me … for me … meant to discover pieces awaiting to be assembled into my puzzle … the puzzle defining me. It is an interesting sensation.

I move down these paths … wrapped in feelings of peace … excited about encountering my next lesson … knowing there is change all around me as well as waiting for me just up ahead. I am changing … morphing … moving into and through such different inner places … my whole world is being seen and felt in such different colors right now. It is so different. I feel it has substance but part of me wonders if it is a passing moment of bliss coloring my life. But as the count of days increases where I feel this new, exciting, and confusing way, my mind says “it is real” and lasting.

Life has given me so very much … I am a man of great inner wealth … great love wanting to be shared … great creativity wanting to be expressed … great desires wanting to make a difference in this world. It surfaces feelings deep and strong. It is this transition … this journey I am on where I want to take each step … peacefully … but always forward into change. I “feel” like I walk in darkness while the sun shines brightly and warmly upon my face. It all is such an experience … an experience never before felt but now desired because I know it is taking me on my journey … it is my contract with those souls I touch and the forces that created the “All” comprising the Universe.

So … I write as a man in transition this morning. Feeling “feelings” richly and saying inner mantras that encourage me to remain vulnerable and move into the unknown. I hold out my hand to those I love … say “join me for some of my walk” … and know they are part of my puzzle and meant to walk along with me as I discover myself. I thank those I touch so very much for joining me … being present … allowing me to touch them in small, spiritual ways with my heart. It “feels” like it is an important piece in my puzzle … an important stepping stone that seems to travel with me along my path.

Life is a collaboration of all of us, touching each other with love and kindness so that those touched may touch others and so on, and so on, and so on … until our planet is love and everyone has found their path to their purpose.

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