“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer

A close, loving friend asked me recently about my writing. She asked “Do you write about the lessons’ you have learned along your journey?”. The question made me reflect on all that has passed beneath my feet over the past year. Much has occurred … much has changed … much is felt and has caused insightful work to unfold towards greater self-understanding. And change, greater awareness, and self-discovery still occurs each day as I move through my life and down my path.

I have taken many steps … many small and a few large steps … and each step along the journey has changed me … enabled me to grow … reminded me that much work remains … shown me fears that block my progress … and allowed me to remain vulnerable because I am constantly shown that within vulnerability arises understanding and growth.

In looking back across the path I’ve traveled … lessons that jump out include:

  • I discovered my feelings … After so many, many years I finally found what it is to truly feel!  This was huge!  This created the foundation to move forward … gave me a compass against which all other things are measured and assessed.  This was likely the biggest “ah ha” for me since 2013, and such a joyous discovery.  It’s all about feelings.
  • I found my power, gave it away, then discovered how to gain it back … I moved from and through old scripts that left me “giving” my power away to a place where I am able to consciously retain my strength from a place of loving kindness.  My strength comes from knowing my intentions are pure and my actions come from this foundation … coming from a place of love while still reflecting my interests.  I also see that there remains more to learn here since times still arise where old scripts or fears allow me to give away power that I rightful should retain.
  • I saw that the universe will give in its own time … I gave up (am giving up) the need to know what lies ahead.  I trust and move down my path knowing what is meant to be will be.  There is a freedom that comes with that … but also a need to abandon an old script to see and control my future.  It remains a work in progress but growth and progress has been achieved.
  • I found that living in love feels right and feels good … I found through my newly acquired feelings that living in love … being love … offering love to the world I move in brings warming and nurturing feelings to my heart.  These are deep, resonating feelings telling me a strong story of alignment with what is my song … my dance.  Though I drift into judgmental or angry space at times, I clearly see and “feel” that standing in loving space is what feeds my soul.
  • I discovered trust … Learning to let go of “knowing”, trying to control, and “feeling” the true deep indicators that moving in certain directions feeds me joy, has allowed me to trust that what I need will be revealed to me when I need it.  I move through many transitions in my life … every day it seems … so knowing that I can release myself form wondering if the right things will pass … and allow the universe to simply reveal … has given me the space to move forward even thought I do not know all the answers.
  • I discovered that being vulnerable leads to change and growth … I see the value and gift that comes from opening myself up … showing my flaws and fears so that I can explore deep into them to understand, then discard them … allowing me to take another step on my journey. Along with this comes the willingness to change … be give up who I was in order to take on a more genuine me.  It also includes becoming comfortable with the uncertainly of what I may come since I’m changing into something I am not sure of.  It is dancing to move while still learning the steps.

I have learned more … much more … and the learning continues each and every day. It is my life now … filled with change, challenged to understand, but willing to let go and just take what “is”. A giant jigsaw puzzle which gathers a piece at a time … sometimes several … as things come together and a picture is formed. What a dance to enjoy as I move to a place not known.

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