“The only journey is the one within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

 As I lay before me my moments … my life moments … those spent in love shine brightest. Yes … my life is built on many good moments but those spent in love and with connection are richer, deeper, and more resonating than others.

My moments are me … me as I unfold like a flower in the sunshine of my awakening life. As my personality opens and reveals my soul to the warmth of the sun, I feel love and increasing peace. At times it challenges me not to focus on such delightful feelings, wanting more. But the wisdom and beauty is in letting go of such wants and allowing the Universe to orchestrate the symphony of life around me. I must learn how to simply settle back, rest in joy, and allow myself to receive. It is some of my work … lessons still to be learned.

My future approaches but I know not what it is. All I do know is that I must continue to take small steps in the direction I sense is “me”, open myself to what occurs, and have faith. It remains yet another lesson for a man trained to plan, control, and anticipate what might be. Living simply … less defined … more open to the moment … loving … offering kindness … all seem to be ingredients to the recipe needing to be followed as I continue my journey.

My future is headed towards me even though I cannot see it. It is a strange sensation … knowing significant change and shifting is coming but being unable to see it … see its form. It is likely part of the test … applying what my lessons are offering in terms of new ways to navigate my life and journey towards the undefined. It all is a challenge … a challenge that I “feel” but cannot see.

So I enter another day reframing myself so that I recognize the reality I face.  Seeing the lessons underway and the conditions of unknowingness.  Clarifying the frame surrounding today so that I can move more gracefully through the day as I “take in” and not expect.  The dance … the dance of my journey … moving to my inner music and rhythms while learning the steps.

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