Cultivating simplicity … harvesting peaceful feelings …

I sit in my man cave … my nest … at the end of this day. I have been “clearing away the old” of me … old papers, old pictures, old settings for my simple furniture. A new rug served as a catalyst for much of this. It drove my need to change … create something fresh, new, and different. The look is fresh … clean … simple. The simplicity resonates and I’m left with feelings like I’m going through a cleansing. My inner peace is strengthened. I like the new open feel, and the growing sense of simplicity. My heart settles … calmed by the sense of decreased confusion. My feelings encourage me to do more.

Letting go … letting go of the past … letting go of the now … moving to a place that offers me what I truly need … greater simplicity and preparation for the future and its pending changes. I discover I’ve surrounded myself by the past … something that locks me to that past … and my inner feelings now say it is time to not rely upon old artifacts to recall my past … but focus on only those few that truly bring deeper feelings from within. It is an interesting yet powerful dance I’m learning … steps and moves that seem needed as I travel my journey into my future.

Clear space … white walls … black furniture … splashes of color … sense of form and order … all creating a metaphor for my evolving life. There is a very Zen quality to what is unfolding from all this change … and it seems to be giving me a baseline from which to emotionally measure my decisions on how to proceed. It all is a training ground for my newly forming life … something of a class room for learning.

Cool huh?

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