“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore

This morning unfolds in rich feelings. My music combined with my early writing to loved ones creates many messages of gentle love within me … wishes of peace and caring for others. Feelings swell from within … it is my love moving from within me to the world I move in. My soul yearns to again “feel” the experience of connection … learn what it “feels” like to experience the sensations carried into my heart when deep connection occurs within our human experience.

As I continue I create more and more loving feelings to carry into my day of discovery … to place into the rucksack that I will carry upon my back as I travel today’s portion of my evolving life’s journey.  My passion is hiking … and to carry such a loving burden on my life journey feels rich and wonderful.  It is love … it is kindness … it is me in my purest state.

And in my pack is something else … something else known to exist and felt upon my shoulders.  Something that is me yet not fully known.  It is my purpose … my full and total meaning for this life.  Connection now is painted on this canvas but I feel more colors and shapes will be added soon.  I simply continue to carry my paints and palette so that I am ready to fill more of my canvas should moments of revelation occur as I hike on my journey.  An artist of life … an artist of my own life.  I’ve always felt I was meant to be an artist and here I’m already being the artist of my own life.  How interesting.

So again I move into today from a higher plain … an emotional and spiritual place higher than yesterday’s beginning.  Built on what has gone before yet unique to this moment.  Each step new while reflecting each moment before.  Each step a moment … this moment … this rare moment that will never visit again and which offers so much that is rich and wonderful.  I am a man built from moments.  And the building will never stop … and I would never want it to stop … for each moment is me … and each feeling is me … and it is all so very wonderful.

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