“Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.” – Theodore Roethke

Hearing the music, seeing the path …

I begin movement into another day bordering on the edge of a work week. It’s a familiar dance, altered at times by different rhythms and music but essentially the same. But deep inside those rhythms where feelings reside, a much more dynamic world exists. A world that shines light on what “is” and gives me clues for direction. Sometimes the light is dim, poorly illuminating the wealth of information that is offered. Sometimes the light is intense, clearly showing the way to understanding. Answers are still wanted … What path to take? What step to make? What is truth and what is false desire? What is my true purpose and what is only curiosity? In the end all we have is this thing called “intention” … a map showing the possible road but not the cities along it or the end destination. And hung on intention is trust … trust that my feelings will reveal the place where answers wait to show themselves. Trust in myself that I will be clear enough … wise enough … to listen to my inner music and let it help reveal to me the answers I seek.

I’ve listened to much inner music … and seek it out more and more … but I sense there is so much more to take in. And what becomes of the result? More rooms to visit, illuminate, and explore in hopes of discovering myself … my true self. It all is a continuous journey requiring my attention … my letting go to embrace the new … then letting go again in order to discover even more new. And the interesting thing seems that this process is underway regardless of our choices since even those unaware are changing … changing in undetectable ways but changing the just the same. It all is the way … the “way” … the path we know exists but may not see … and we chose to be an active or a passive partner with this process.

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