“The only journey is the one within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

I rise feeling strong.  I sit here knowing that the universe will offer more lessons today.  I’m ready … and I welcome them with enthusiasm and love even though I also know that my feelings may sting or please, and I will likely reveal old scripts needing definition, processing, and discarding.

I am ready to grow … ready to feel … ready to change.  I continue moving toward my purpose and this morning I feel strong … more confident that I am traveling the right road towards my unknown.  In this moment my life feels incredibly good, and I am anxious to keep on the path of change, moving down the list of societal things I must do to help enable and support such change.  It all will come together in unknown, creative ways … the societal … the spiritual … the surprise and unexpected.  All are coming together as I travel my journey.  All colors being splashed upon my canvas, creating my work of art … my story … my life.  What an incredible process!!!  I FEEL excited and filled with joy at the thought of it all.

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