The Freedom of Flying …

I ride … ride my bicycle … ride this playful multi-geared plaything colored red and yellow that whisks me down the road … ride to feel the “freedom of flying” and the sense that worldly tasks, responsibilities, and burdens are left behind … at least for the time I fly. The feelings are rich … the freshness of the wind against my face … the physical exertion … the sense of inner presence as my world blurs as it passes by … the sense of a beautiful future as I see open road ahead … the sense of “self-love from having done something good for myself … all combine into this wonderfully joyful ”soup” of good feelings.

In these moments I truly feel joy. They are moments that help heal me from the stings of life. They are moments that help make all other moments more joyful. They are a gift to myself, and I thank “me” for knowing that this truly nurtures me, and I thank “me” for giving me this time and space to enjoy it.

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