Seeing more clearly … while seeking more change …

I travel within turbulent waters in these moments, and I feel I need to ride each wave knowing that I remain headed towards shore and warm, soothing sand beneath my feet. Evolving dynamics at work now seem more often than not to demand and create a reactive rather than responsive work context. A context within which I must choose to respond even when surrounded by reactive energy, organizational fears created by political leadership, and insufficient resources to execute the work. It is amazing to feel and see the fear … the tension and frightened energy being brought into the room by those with which I meet.

It is simply amazing … and sad … sad to see more examples of how the organization increasingly operates in this deep, constant pool of fear-driven work effort. More and more I see and feel how work is directed from fear … creating fear through behaviors meant to intimidate believing it is the path to getting personal agendas executed more quickly. So many seem to give their power up … feeding this style and encouraging those high in the organizational chart to continue such adverse behaviors. Maybe it reflects my journey … my journey towards my purpose which is morphing me and my thoughts so that I see the dysfunctional qualities of the organization clearer each day … and therefore feel it more intensely each day.

And for me … I think and execute “small steps” … create some direction and energy in some new direction. It sustains me within this organizational experience. However, more steps are needed in many directions to help ensure more opportunities for change. My intention is to take steps … take steps in many directions … turn to all directions with open arms so that changes flow upon me and my path continues to unfold in new ways. It is an image of a flower opening to the sun, spreading peddles in all directions simultaneously. I sense my dawn is approaching, warmed by my sun, fed by the ground beneath my feet, and driven by my heart and spirit. I stand and must be ready … take my spot in the field among all other flowers … but know that my opening of my “being” is uniquely mine.

So it is another day … a new time … a moment to reset my sense of me and begin to move forward again with renewed enthusiasm and sense of adventure. My chance to see more clearly, and use that clarity to frame a new world for myself one, small step at a time.

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