“A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.” – Leo Buscaglia

I spent Saturday with a good friend. We traveled into San Francisco on the Ferry … something we’ve done every month or so for some time now. He drives from the east bay and I come from the north, both driving about the same distance to Larkspur from which we launch our day.

This ongoing ritual brings richness to my heart and meaning to my soul. He and I have shared a long history, built upon many shared adventures. Life lived … assortments of life challenges, divorces, children growing into young adults, and learning to mature ourselves in a way that continues to give meaning … all shared between us. We talk … for hours … and the talk reflects the deep lives we both have lived and the challenges facing us as we move forward into more years. But recent trips seem to have taken a new, somewhat fresh direction … a direction richer than those taken before. We each are discovering how to navigate significant life changes … each searching in our own way for more meaning in our lives … reaching for something better while each sharing insights and observations on how to approach it all.

Such rich time spent … I am ever so grateful.

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