“It wasn’t so much what I wanted to do, but rather WHO I wanted to be!” – Diane Nyad

Like each day along our life journey, today was a new day … one with new beginnings … one offering new choices … one from which we all can step cleanly from and enter new feelings, riding on lessons learned over the past.

Yesterday I went hiking with a good friend. I felt connected as we talked … connected to my friend and connected to the natural world surrounding me. Being in nature healed me and nurtured me as I connected. It was a perfect fit to who I am … a day with connection doing what I truly love.

I now move into a new week … one in which I must find then take new, small steps towards something different. Future purpose stills seems foggy but I continue to move into the fog. Each week seems positive while still remaining confusing since I have not been given sight of my future, and likely won’t until I’m there. I continue to receive strong signals that what I do does not fit who I want to be, and it is those signals that I consult when making small choices through the week as to where my feet will be placed on my journey. Daily my heart tells me I need to change. It cries in discomfort from living much of my life in a manner that no longer fits me. Yet I do not know what I’m changing into … only that I must change in order to live a life worth living. My heart tells me move forward, its pain signals that I must take small steps and in what direction, and my trust carries through into action.

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