“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.” – Author Unknown

I continue to do more of my work … listening to my fears and doing my best to move through them for greater understanding. My small steps “feel” like they are adding up for I “feel” a different inner sense that my path is becoming clearer … at least one aspect of it. The remainder simply reveals itself in the moment. My latest changes … mixing and shaking up the old, stuck rhythms … seem refreshing and effective. This includes exploring a daily practice to offer me more foundation. I will continue my efforts and take what is given me by the universe, but I also will act and make changes I feel will free me.

And I will take care of myself. My recent renewed focus on “me” … taking more time and attention for me and doing small things during the day that bring me increased joy and sense of play … it feels good. My intention is that from such increased good feelings I will poor myself a larger measure of self-love for myself, allowing me to forgive myself more deeply, and allowing the imperfect me to rise stronger than the perfect me I was taught to demand. It will help keep me whole as I traverse the daily confusion and chaos. My mix is new … finding itself … but also fluid and not ridged. I seek “feelings” … not structure … and I feel I need to keep that as a mantra as I continue to explore these new paradigms for living at a daily level.

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