“Dance is bigger than the physical body. When you extend your arm, it doesn’t stop at the end of your fingers, because you’re dancing bigger than that; you’re dancing spirit.” – Judith Jamison

There are many special people in my life and I am grateful for each. I am also grateful for those I am intended to meet in my future along my journey. My heart sings loudest for one very special person … one person that holds a very place in my heart. We dance, and I hold her in my mind this morning and look forward to us dancing this evening as we do each week.

When we dance, I feel her hand in mine as we step in graceful circles on the floor of life. We share a rhythm, and practice to discover how our steps must be to offer harmony in the part of life we share. Each circle offers change … growing confidence … moments of frustration and confusion. This is the music of dance … this is the music of life and this dance grants us joyful discovery in a life lived only once.

Our dance reflects our shared lives … shared moments and movement through change … searching for balance while we each are following our compass of feelings.  I am learning the dance.  I know not the steps but learn them as we flow across the floor of time and space.  I know not the future, and hardly understand the present but I continue … I choose to remain engaged in this process based on nothing certain yet defining our life in this moment and in foreseeable moments.  Trust, faith, courage, and love … all colorful clothing we wear as we move and learn.  This dance … this “life” … this thing we move through on our way to the horizon.  Such a dance … such a dance of feelings and discovery.

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