“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” – John Bunyan

Yesterday I touched my soul.  I touched it by experiencing moments where all that I am met all that I was in the moment.  Everything that resonates for me … everything I respond to from joy and deep, warm, inner feelings was touched.  I was a wonderer who had suddenly discovered a path long sought, and the sun rose to illuminate the moment and bring healing to my soul.

Early in the morning … in the dark … standing in the pouring rain and chill … humanity at its best stood clearly in the sunlight.  I stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the pouring rain with those giving and those in need.  Catholic Charities’ Homeless Outreach … a moment each week where those in need receive dignity, food, clothing, and support … had allowed me the opportunity to participate and in doing so, opened my heart wider than I ever thought possible.  I will forever be changed.

Finding words to describe my feelings in those moments is difficult, if not impossible.  Such feelings are simply that … emotional sensations within one’s body that bring rise to something greater.  But each act done by each volunteer or staff made a difference in someone’s life.  Each act lifted a small piece of a burden carried by another human being. And each look back … each interaction left something rich and powerful behind for me to carry away.  So many gifts, though not expected but cherished just the same.

It is a noble cause … especially meaningful this time of year when storms and memories challenge one’s day-to-day survival.  A noble cause … something difficult to proclaim in these modern times where the fog of media and fear seem to distort or hide the love that truly exists. Each act on this dark, cold morning gave rise to a chance to soar … to regain a perspective lost … to understand the power of kindness … and to understand one’s self.  The moments I experienced changed me … told me clearly what I’m meant to do … opened my heart beyond measure and reinforced that clarity was achieved and life purpose identified.

I am a man changed, and it “feels” ever so wonderful …

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