“You can’t get to where you want to be if you are unhappy with where you are standing … you are better to search for the joy in the “now”, create the feelings that speak it, and use it to discover new opportunities to move close to your passion.” – Ester Hicks

Creating Joy in the Now while searching for alignment …

This is something of a new concept for me.  My journey has taken me to a place, a place where I “feel” that I want to do more with my life … with my energy … with my time remaining.  My heart yearns for this … it reaches out seeking to make a difference in a human life … directly … meaningfully … offering impact in a way that clearly uplifts another soul from their struggles and challenges.

I’ve worked a very long time and my career has been good to me.  Many roles where worked, and with each role I gave much … sacrificed family and self … and sought forgiveness for making such poor choices.

“Give to others” … “how others see me is my real value” … these were earlier songs I sang in my roles.  But I no longer sing those melodies.  In the past I naively thought the value was in the “doing”, not in the feeling and until recent years feelings were unfelt and poorly known.  But as life unfolded, the miles travelled revealed how I had chosen to live by others scripts and not my own … and I learned the folly of such living and discovered a richer place from within me.  I chose to change and now stand in a place where the scripts are shed and only my inner song is sung to the orchestra of my feelings.

My feelings are now sharper and clearer, and serve as the compass directing me in darkness and in light.  And though joy is found within my work and especially now within my life, I see that more is possible.  And I want more.  I seek change in the nature of my daily joy … I want it to stem from lifting up others … directly … clearly … with connection.  So there will be more change … there must be … because I wish to experience the feelings that flow from this type of engagement each day.

So I will take small steps towards richer alignment with my desired joy … my desired life of passionate response.  And for now, I will discover ways to experience pieces of the desired experience now … relish it … use it to form a life pattern I wish to match … and move towards that pattern in steps that bring me into alignment with my desires … and I will make changes … and the journey of change will continue until alignment is reached …

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