“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

A Good News Day …

When a loved one is ill … disparately ill … fears arise easily.  Such situations create harsh challenges while also revealing the extensive and sometimes unnoticed foundation of support and love one earns when moving through life with kindness to others.  My loved one… my brother … recently faced such a challenge.  One that took him to the edge and back.  One that created fears in many of us.  And as he and his wife navigated through the rough currents of fear, the support and love blossomed like a field of lovely roses … varieties of many kinds … family, friends, co-workers … more.  And it has been that way for many, many months.

And recently I was passed good news … news that he’s past one more critical milestone.  One that indicates his body is healing slowly and in a good direction.  And there is joy … much joy that progress is being made and this incredible journey is reaching a place where sunlight and soft breezes may once again blow.

Good News today … very good news.

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