“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Youthful Discovery of Self …

I spent today visiting with my student daughter.  She’s in her second quarter of a program in a university close by but requiring her to live on campus and away from home.  She lives with her mom, not me.

Going away to school … so many new things … so many changes … moving away from her home with her mom, dorm life, making new friends, learning to eat well (or at all), adjusting to the protocols and time needed for studies, and more.  So many changes so quickly.  And from where I stand, she’s navigated it all quite gracefully as though the waters where calm and gentle.  There is some sense of measured stress while feeling excitement about the new freedoms and adventures.  But she is engaged … stepping into whatever these new situations bring forth into her life.  Such a gift to see her embrace it all with grace, enthusiasm and courage.

Today was a wonderful day getting caught up on how her life is changing and unfolding as she experiences being out on her own, making decisions, and becoming independent.  It feels so good watching how she is moving through all these changes … learning each day to be herself, moving away from what she has been in the past.  I see a bit of stress but also sense growth and her wanting to be part of the adventure and the freedom it brings.  What a youthful discovery of herself.  What a gift to be able to watch her.

I love her beyond measure … she is such a blessing … and such a joy to watch evolve.

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