Feeling Good …

Each day brings an aware soul more understanding of this thing called life.  It’s been my experience that as one matures, life is seen through ever changing lenses.  Over time, such lenses become refined … more tuned to “me” as each moment of my journey unfolds.  The increasing clarity this tuning brings reveals much that changes me … sometimes in small ways and at other times overwhelmingly.

And as I see anew, I feel.  I feel from within … from both familiar and new places.  And these feelings add to the meaning … the story created from these clearer images of my life in the moment.  And the feelings “feel” good, so I know that what I see and how I feel about it remain on the course meant for me in this lifetime.

Life needs meaning.  My life needs meaning.  And I feel actively engaged in a quest for meaning that resonates within me.  I see that my meaning comes from many diverse, small contributions discovered in each of the moments spent on my journey.  And within me is a powerful force poised to connect … connect in these moments in ways that uplift and aid, or simply create loving feelings for those sharing this tiny blue and green sphere with me.

In this moment … on this day … walking this journey I feel very good.  I feel connected.  And I feel open and responsive to what will unfold as I take my steps into the moments ahead for me as I head out into the world of the sphere.  It is a peaceful walk … by a peace walker … and it all feels very, very, very good.

Namaste …

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