“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” – Howard Schultz

I Wish … And Yet See It’s Simply Me

I wish to bathe in kindness … standing in places where people care, love, and express that which uplifts others. I wish to move in ways that hear and honor ideas brought by each person and leaves them vested in what evolves. I wish to stand side-by-side with others working towards kindness-based efforts that are framed in loving intentions and not anger. I wish to join with others that recognize that contribution is one’s best effort, and that such efforts … all such efforts … bring value if one sees it and holds it in the sunlight of human diversity. And I wish to share the celebration of life and the experiences gain by moving through it in small steps strengthened by personal courage and a sense of adventure.

But wait … I see something else … I see that by “wishing” I look to the outside where old scripts so easily direct my focus. I “see” that it isn’t something to “wish” for but something I already hold … something I already own because I bring it from within myself. I “see” that I already have what is needed to create the feelings I seek, and that I am empowered to bring those feelings forth and create that which I seek. The task is to discover places … settings where those existing feelings are simply strengthened … places and settings where the feelings grow and become more intense … where that which surrounds me harmonizes the most with how I wish to feel. Those are the places I “wish” to stand the longest, for those are the places where I feel my connection and sought feelings the strongest. So yes, my “wish” is to simply be me … and seek places along my journey where “me” feels the strongest.

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