Airports …

What a wonderful display of diversity … so many stories, so many styles, some similar and some not.  A “people watcher’s” delight.  An opportunity to be reminded that my way … my path and how I see things … are only mine.  Each soul passing by has their own, created from the pieces of their life acquired along their personal journey.

And with that awareness I understand better that as I walk my path, embracing collaboration, I am meant to discover ways to blend … merge and integrate into this vast, diverse buffet of personalities and styles.  It “feels” like it’s not simply me convincing others to accept my position but more of me listening with compassionate awareness to hear the stories of others and seek out touch points where common connection and shared ideas reside.  Awareness meant to detect then build connection, not force.  Something seeming obvious yet easily forgotten.

Embracing collaboration means (to me) embracing the blending of diversity … seeking natural points of connection … nurturing such points and establishing trust around them.  All are dance steps I need to practice over and over again.  And doing so “feels” good.

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