Love Transcends …

I recently completed a journey … actually something of a pilgrimage … my cousin and her husband from the east coast together with me visited with my brother and his wife. My brother’s recent life journey has taken him through life threatening medical challenges and he still faces more even though his medical crisis has somewhat stabilized.

Meeting my brother after Cous traveled across country and I traveled south was joyful … love transcending the fears and fatigue experienced by all. The medical crisis demanded much from my brother and his wife. Fears have been many, and challenges both physically and bureaucratically abound. And though my brother’s “look” has morphed into a much leaner version of his earlier self, his heart remains filled with love and his self-awareness sharpened. His inner strength and bravery enabled him to make ongoing choices committed to his recovery and life, and his sustained optimism helps carry him into and through each new set of tests and each day of recovery. He’s a wonderful reminder that what’s inside us is what were are, and that crisis can be addressed one small step of courage at a time.

It was a love filled week, and I am grateful on many levels …

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