“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.” – Dennis Waitley

And on the horizon? Simply more change …

I arose in reflective space, and coffee, music, and my own inner feelings have placed me on a perch overlooking the dawn of my future. The universe is moving … I feel it … and more is now beginning to churn on increasing fronts. I sense that events are converging … about to bring me simultaneous, significant changes that will require me to seek and stand in peaceful places within me in order to navigate.   Yes … sensations creating an inner voice of caution and “be ready” for the trip will be wild but “doable”.

And of course … I have no control over what occurs, only control of how I respond (not react). And of course … there will be lessons … lessons to refresh my inner self of what life is truly about and the importance of recognizing that each day is precious and must be lived in joyful fullness.

And there will be time spent in complexity … time spent there rather than in simplicity … seeking simplicity and the resulting peace and joy … all messages churning within me this morning as this week unfolds. And I move towards work … and I move towards nature … and I move towards my heart and feelings … and I move towards life and the peace within me. All is churning … tumbling … seeking its point of equilibrium. And I move along with it … riding … looking for the resting point. Letting go of what is or may be … working to simply “be” and allow things to be revealed while seeking simplicity so that the messages can be heard by this life traveler.

On this day … this Tuesday at the end of March … life is moments … and each is precious … and each must be lived as it was our last. And as I move deeper into the currents of change I know the lesson being learned. It is to settle back, lean into the present and allow momentum and intentions to create what will be. My work is to remove complexity so that I hear and see, and act in a way to open my future to opportunities … to walk in kindness with intention while opening my heart to possibilities. It is all a recipe for revealing the life ahead of me. A life offering constant and meaningful change.

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