“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.” – George Michael

An Aligned and Peaceful Heart …

A wonderful weekend spent with a loved one and finished with hiking, reflection, and a hug. A wonderful blend of together and alone time … a formula in harmony with my soul. My mind is aligned and my heart is in peaceful space this morning. The wonderfully rich weekend, finishing with a heavy splash of exercise and nature has done me well. I begin a significant week strong, centered, and filled with kindness and peace. It feels very good!

When in such a state I feel so deeply. Everything I see, touch, or imagine has extraordinary depth. The feelings that result create a craving for more … create this sense that I must go deeper … want to go deeper … feel more intensely … experience every nuance my interactions with my worldly experience can offer. Cravings for feelings … connection … depth … more … an interesting and exciting way to live moments as I journey through my life.

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